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"We can not solve problems by using the same way of thinking."

- Albert Einstein.

Zagreb City Hall, a rollup system with a poster for the Educational Workshop of the City Veterans Office Zagreb City Hall, a rollup system with a poster for the Educational Workshop of the City Veterans Office

Why we do it?

It is difficult to describe the sensational feeling that overwhelms us when we create something new. We love what we do and believe that thinking outside the box helps us to create beautifully designed, all user's friendly, simple to use, responsive websites. This way of thinking also helps us in graphic design, business presentations and other things we do not to draw ideas from ether, but create new and innovative solutions for you. By completing our business, we get to the most beautiful part of our business - when we can enjoy the satisfaction on our client faces.

How we're doing it?

We follow world trends and limitations (boundaries) set by the Web parent organization - W3C Consortium, but in coding look for new, simpler, faster and more innovative solutions. Constant thirst for exploring new technologies is the reason why Your website will be attractive and done in most effective way. Design inspirations we seek in real life, most often from nature which always surprise us with incredible creations and phenomenal solutions.
Virtual identity of the company or product is what the present potential customers see first. Today no one wants to buy a poorly designed product so no one wants to go to the store whose window is not lovable. Your website is your window into the Internet world. Therefore, we pay attention to the smallest details so the final look exceeds the expectations of your clients, yours, and ours, because your satisfaction is our best advertisement.

What we do?

Our core business is web design, but that's not all. What we know and can ie. wherein we are masters:

Web design and development

Idea: Web design

web pages, web shops, CMS systems, SEO, devices optimization (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, SmartTV's, printers), e-inclusion (optimization for people with special needs)

You need a website redesign or a new web design? Want to finally be seen on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing? You've heard about terms like SEO and SSL certification, but you're not sure what they are, and do you need it at all? Need help with social networking campaigns? Contact us with confidence and we will listen to all your wishes and thus create the best solutions for you.

Graphic design

Idea: Graphic design

logos, typefaces (font creation or adaptation), letterhead, stamps, brochures, flyers, business cards, invitations, thanksgivings, postcards, menus, wine lists, book covers, book layouts, other graphic services

You are new entrepreneur or haven't even started and need a visual identity? Need a new logo or want to redesign the old one? Do you need printed materials such as brochures, leaflets, posters, etc.? Need visuals for campaigns on the web or social networks? You need a layout or a complete design for books or magazines? Do you need a more special menu or wine map? Send us the inquiry to make you an offer.

Photo & Video services

Idea: Photo & Video services

recording, photography, photo or video processing

Do you want to take pictures of your products, but you do not have a professional camera? Your photos are missing that little something to reach the wow-factor? You have a lot of videos and want to make a good pitch or a short promo video? Send us a query and we will be happy to embark on a joint adventure.

Market research

Idea: Market research

collecting and evaluating secondary data, processing, collected data interpretation

Want to find out the key information to start a new venture? You need to make the key decisions and want the credible information obtained from a survey? Do you need a qualitative or quantitative data analysis? Send us a query.

Business presentations

Idea: Business presentations

PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi

Not satisfied with the Powerpoint or Keynote presentations you are usually doing? They need that certain something so You can shine in a presentation while your colleagues or clients watch with enthusiasm? You heard about Prezi but you did not dare? We are here to help you outperform the expectations of your clients, colleagues, or superiors.


Idea: Statistics

collected data analysis, samples, regression analysis, hypothesis, statistical features independence testing

Do you need average height or ready number of people in the Republic of Croatia? You've done the market research, but you need data analysis? Please let us know and we will make an offer.

Our vision

Our vision is simple; we are client responsible, socially and environmentally sensitive. We have decided to be there for entrepreneurs who need our support and knowledge in the start (cause we experienced the same problems that entrepreneurs face at startup), those who are still searching themselves (to help them find a way), and those who already have a strategy (just to spice the things up).
Our clients recognize the added value we bring to the services and appreciate positive karma that comes from fair cooperation. Generally, but not necessarily, they are micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, start up's, family farms's, individuals...

Our partners
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Here are some of our latest web designs.
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Here are some of our latest graphic designs.
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Client Statements

  • '' Excellent communication, very actively updating and adjustment to my needs, constant contacts and advice on trends in web design, emergency intervention in the shortest period of time, always available for questions and advice, very affordable price, for each recommendation, Satisfied customer for many years. ''

  • '' Cooperation with Hrvoje from Idea Ltd. was great! We are pleased with his professionalism, communication and information exchange and with the speed of solving our requirements. Hrvoje gave us concrete suggestions for improving our web, which has resulted in an increase in our business. We recommend Idea Ltd. to anyone who wants an efficient and professional website and honest approach from the company's employee.''

  • '' A wonderful job, perfect communication! ''


Frequently asked questions

1. Q: What are responsive websites?

A: Those are websites adjusted to all browsers and devices (tablets, smart phones, computers, smart TV's).

2. Q: Should website be responsive?

A: Our opinion is yes. In 2016. bigger internet traffic on smart phones than on computers finally happened.

3. Q: What is e-inclusion?

A: Term "e-inclusion" describes ways to reduce digital division that ensure the creation of a balanced and equitable info society, and the websites become legible for people with special needs also, such as the blind and visually impaired, people with motor dysfunction or dyslexia.

4. Q: What is SEO?

A: Search engine optimization (SEO) is a part of Internet marketing that deals with the website positioning on search engines by the keywords that best match the page content.

5. Q: What are optimization goals?

A: Goals of optimization are to position your site on the best place in the search engine, and thus increase targeted visits to a website from search engines and thus increasing the number of contacts and/or direct sales. They say that the best place to conceal the crime is to hide evidence on the second page of search engine.

6. Q: How to start cooperation?

A: Contact us with one of the media that best suits you and arrange a meeting or we'll continue the conversation via email.

7. Q: Is the first contact binding?

A: No. During the meeting/contacts over email we will collect all the information we need in order to be able to make a marketing strategy and create an offer.

8. Q: What are the website development costs?

A: For us each project is individual, so it is ungrateful to form the prices before we find out your wishes and needs. Usually in the offer we compile three most optimal options for You.

9. Q: What happens after you accept the offer?

A: Once you accept the offer we have to set deadlines and you'll send us agreed materials (text, image, logo, etc.).

10. Q: How long it takes for the development?

A: Production time depends on the projects complexity and work volume.

11. Q: Can you arrange a website maintenance?

A: Of course. Even in the begining we can set the terms of maintenance according to your needs. If more frequent content modifications are necessary it's more economical to arrange a monthly maintenance fee. Otherwise, changes are agreed upon as necessary.


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